What’s in a name

I am pleased with the title of my blog page. I have been able to combine my name with the sentiment of what I wish to do and that is to make a difference.

I am guilty of being proud of my given names, William Joseph. I am named after the first recorded Anderson’s of my family line.

William Anderson was a burger in the city of Perth, Scotland. In 1543 along with five others, William was martyred for his new-found faith. As I have recently discovered, William was a fairly wealthy man in the city and had the chance to leave (as others did) to avoid being put to death. But he stayed and stood for what he believed in, what ever the consequences. William along with his friends made a difference, for not long after John Knox preached from the pulpit in Perth and ushered in the Scottish Reformation.

William’s son Joseph, was a merchant man. He travelled to and forth between Scotland and continental Europe, bringing materials from one land to another. We know He also met with the Protestant reformers in Europe and helped to spread the new reformed faith in his native Scotland. Joseph is buried in Paisley Abbey, as a person of some high status because he made a difference.

If I can make a difference though the use of these blogs in Peoples lives. To have the boldness of William and the sustainability of Joseph, it will be worth the effort and maybe one day, compare notes with my forefathers when we meet.


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