The loss of a friend

Mr DashwoodI have some sad news to share with you. Mr Dashwood one of the donkeys that I look after from time to time died. My friend Judith took him in as a rescue donkey to be a companion for my donkey Mr Darcy.
For the last two years Mr Dashwood and Mr Darcy have been inseparable. When ever one was in trouble or broke out, the other would sound the alarm that something was wrong. Indeed they not only looked out for each other but also their other animal friends. At one time they were the guardians of their family of five goats, six geese, a pot belly pig and ducks. They never failed to come to you to get a pat on the side.
They were quite the religious pair as it turns out. When they did decide to go for a walk through Sixmilecross, it was nearly always to the Church of Ireland or the Free Presbyterian front gardens. Judith reckons they were hedging their bets.
We are in a time of lent for Christians as we lead up to Easter. In the life of Jesus, donkeys played an important part. From carrying His mother Mary to Bethlehem to be born , to carrying Him to Jerusalem before his death. Donkeys have the reputation of being stupid,  stubborn, slow, but loyal, compassionate and thoughtful. Jesus thought them worthy for His service.  Do Christians have the attributes of the humble donkey to be worthy of Christs service today?.
Mr Dashwood I salute you. Thankyou for the short time we had together. May I live up to your example of service to one another.

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