Think local first

One of the most satisfying things about my life is the ability to shop local. The ability to walk into my local shops or business and have conversations with the owners, I can’t do in Tesco. To be able to put in a request for a certain product to be stocked for me, I can’t do that in Asda either.

It is well documented the benefits that are brought to the community by supporting your local independent shop or business. There are of course some things that it may not be possible to buy from an independent retailer but think local first.

More of the money that we spend locally stays local and sustains the local economy. This gives the local business the platform to build and improve the service that they  want to provide us. They can only do that if we give them our support.

By shopping local we build up a relationship with the traders and quite often they can provide a service that a large chain store can’t. We also become involved with the community and get to meet those that live around us, how well do we know our neighbours?

By investing at home, you create more jobs locally. You create a better economy by keeping more of the money that you spend within your community. You create a better tax revenue that pays for our health service, education and transport. As we have seen on the news, Starbucks, Google and Amazon, do not invest their profits back into the country that they trade in avoiding paying the correct tax that is due from them.

The local retailers are not without their responsibilities either. Although in this blog I am strongly advocating to shop local, our loyalty should not be taken as a given by the retailers. They need to be responsible and above reproach, doing business in a proper manner.

A good rule of thumb for shopping might be, if you can’t buy it local maybe you don’t need it.