When politics doesn’t matter

Let me introduce you to my friend Andrew Pratt. I met Andy last year at the Christians in Politics weekend held in Sunningdale. On the Saturday morning of the weekend we were put into small groups according to where we were from, Andy is from Lancaster and I am from N Ireland. We got to know other as we discussed topics that were put before us by the conference leaders. We later met up at the dinner table and during coffee breaks. In our group we each one introduced ourselves starting on my left, which meant I would be last. Most of the group was made up of young people studying politics at university. Andy was sitting a few seats to my right and introduced himself as working as an Inter-Faith Advisor for the Diocese of Blackburn, he later disclosed that he was a retired police Superintendent. When it came my turn to introduce myself, the only thing I could offer by way of political expertise, was an in-depth knowledge of the TV political series The West Wing. Oh by the way, there was a university lecturer of politics and faith in the group as well, I was way in over my head!

In my conversations with Andy and the others, it never occurred to me to ask what political party or group they each belonged to. The focus of our chats was how can we make life better for those living around us, not which political party or group had the best policies to solve the problems. It wasn’t until I got home and exchanged emails with Andy that I found out that he is a Conservative and I don’t know if Andy knew that I am a member of Christians On The Left.

The most important aspect that we knew about each other was that we are Christians who want to engage in politics to help those around us. We each prayed that though our work within the communities that we live in, we are able to bring peoples together to a place of understanding and respect for each other.

Andy is standing as the Conservative candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Lancashire in the May 2016 elections. I Wish him all the best and hope that he is elected.

If you are reading this blog and live in Lancashire, in May give your vote to Andrew Pratt, he is one of the good guys.

This is a link to Andy’s website Welcome to my website God bless you Andy.