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I am a registered child minder. Every day I get to meet two of the most valuable people in society, mothers and children. They are the backbones to any community. Children give us the reason to do something, mothers is how the something gets done.
However, women  and children are the most abused, undervalued individuals in the world. When it comes to rights, it would seem that women and children have to try harder to be treated as equals.
What happens though when rights cut  across each other. In N Ireland we are well used to this phenomenon, the right to march v the right to stop provocative marchers, the right to not sell a cake v the right to have a cake sold to you, the right to preach v the right not to be offended. Today we have the discussion, the right to life v the right of choice.
The slogan “trustwomen” is appearing a lot on pro-choice material and on some local party pamphlets. In other words I am being told “keep your nose out of it” abortion has nothing to do with you because you are a man.
So what are we asked to trust women on? That they will be able to make a rational decision at a time of high emotion and stress, really!?
I know that when I have made irrational and bad choices, it was at a time of stress and pressure. I don’t trust myself to do the right thing when I am in vulnerable situations in my life. I depend on others who are not emotionally attached to see the big picture and make the right choices. Why do we think so little of our women to make them choose? How inhumane is that?
Since Roe v Wade, science has discovered that the fetus is not part of the woman, it has it’s own DNA, it’s own emotions, it’s moves totally independent of its mother. So if the pro choice want to be stuck in the past, that’s up to them but I think I will let  modern science speak the truth about the unborn child if you don’t mind.
Last night 58 MLA’s voted for equal rights for women and children. Women in N Ireland are safe in knowing that when they are at their most vulnerable, the law is there to protect them. The unborn children of N Ireland are safe having their first basic human right preserved, the right to life.

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  1. The phrase #trustwomen isn’t saying ‘abortion has nothing to do with you because you’re a man’; it is saying that in each particular case it is the woman concerned who is best placed to make the decision. Sometimes she will have to make that decision alone, except for medical professionals, but very often she will have the help and advice of those close to her: partner, parents, siblings and friends. In other circumstances she may have access to the resources and services of NGOs, charities and other groups. What is not helpful for any women in these heartbreaking situations are the platitudes and simplifications of Stormont’s conservative politicians.
    As for the ‘Jane Bond’ comment, I hope you have already reconsidered; it is not worthy of you.

    • Tanya, you are right about the “Jane Bond” comment, I am sorry, it was a cheap shot to take, by trying to finish with a sensationalist line with out considering the offence it might cause. Thank you for drawing me up on it, I have deleted that line from the blog.
      What is clear is, we both want what is best for a women in heartbreaking situations. Here is the thing to remember, Nether you, me, the conservative politicians in Stormont or anyone else in this discussion are monsters, whatever side of the augment they’r on. It really starts with one simple question, Is the unborn child a human being with all the same rights as a born child? Can you be 100% sure that at 8-12 weeks when most abortions happen, that they are not a proper human being? I am guessing that you and I agree on the abolition of the death sentence or not bombing Syria on the principle of “beyond reasonable doubt”. That is my main reason for not extending the abortion laws in N Ireland, not all medical experts agree on the status of an unborn child. As long as there is reasonable doubt that a foetus is a not a human being and not a separate identity from the women (i.e. part of her body), I just can’t see how offering a choice is possible.

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