Do you know what your voting for?

In the month of May we will have elections for the devolved parliaments in Wales, Scotland and N Ireland. The political parties within these jurisdictions will be launching their manifestos soon. They do so in an attempt to woo voters into supporting their vision of what the next five years would look like under their management if they were in power.
In Wales and Scotland, all the political parties are carefully regulated. By law they have to declare all of their donations so that the voter can see who their financial backers are. This makes for good, sound and transparent government.
In N Ireland it is different story. Here the political parties in government have legislated that they do not declare where their financial support comes from. There is no way of knowing if a big business is financially supporting a party in office to secure a contract. In Stormont, there are four parties in government (DUP, SF, SDLP, ALLIANCE). As far as I am aware, none of these parties voluntary declare their financial donations. That means we don’t know if businesses are paying into N Ireland  political pockets to secure contracts. I am not saying that they do but we have no way of knowing that they’re not.
The manifesto leaflets of these parties are useless as there is no transparency therefore no grounds for trust. Without this, there are no foundations to build other moral issues upon like abortion or marriage equality.
I don’t intend to advocate for any particular political party though this blog site. My only desire is to highlight the issues that affect us and to how to react to them.
So before you consider where a candidate stands on constitutional issues, marriage equality, abortion laws, health, education, transport and the environment. First ask, who is financing their campaign. If they can’t tell you, cross them out, they are not worthy of your vote.
There are big issues to deal with in N Ireland. Only those who are financially transparent have the moral standing to deal with them.

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