Christians On The Left.

This is the only political organization that I am a paid up member of.

In Britain it is affiliated to the labour party. In N Ireland it has no affiliations.

However the national director of COTL is Andy Flannagan who hails from Portadown. I have known Andy for the past 20 years. Andy was a doctor before becoming director of COTL, he is also a singer/songwriter of contemporary worship songs and regularly leads worship at Christian conference.

I got the chance to meet up with Andy again a few months ago at a “Christians in politics” weekend titled “Show up”.

Christians in politics is jointly lead by Directors Gareth Wallace (Conservative Christian Fellowship). Claire Mathys (Liberal Democrat Christian Forum), Andy Flannagan (COTL) and Mark Scott Events & Communications Manager.

I got involved with COTL in N Ireland over a year ago. They have had a few public meeting in Belfast, highlighting issues like, food banks, the environment and corporation tax. My good friend Tanya Jones was a panellist at the last meeting about the harmful effect that lowering the corporation tax would have on N Ireland.

Am I a lefty? I honestly don’t know.

What I  do know about my politics are these.

I believe in society before consumerism.

I believe in sustainability before capitalism.

I believe in dialogue before war.

I believe in compassion before judgement.

I believe in you.

COTL seems to fit.



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